About SpaceMates Online

SpaceMates Online

SpaceSpecialists Ltd is pleased to bring to market SpaceMates Online, our company's platform to network the UK, Australian and global Space Sectors.

We invite anyone from around the world to join our Networking Events to meet friends from around the globe.

We meet once a week online to introduce people, businesses and discuss how we can all help each other.

Networking is a great opportunity for businesses to get together, bridge established companies & introduce new start-ups.

We have regular guest interviews, with Q&A and welcome our growing Australian friends from 'Down Under' and worldwide.


Bringing down costs during the coronavirus outbreak

During the coronavirus outbreak, we realise that we are all watching our pennies, so during these times, we are only charging a nominal fee of £2.75 per week (approx. AUD $5.00).

This fee covers the costs towards each event and to reinvest into the expansion of the SpaceMates Online platform to create a new and exciting website.

The new website will give businesses and start-ups a place to advertise their businesses and create a reference point for them in a 'yellow pages directory' for easy searching.

We are currently looking for sponsors to help expand and grow our website dedicated to SpaceMates Online. This may take a little longer than we wish but we made the decision to help everyone at this time through the Coronavirus lockdown and bring down the costs to make it affordable for everyone.

We look forward to your support and meeting you online at one of our weekly events.


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