SpaceMates Online – 14/09/2021

SpaceMates Online - Space Sector Networking

Next Event is on Tuesday 14th September 2021

10 am - 11 am UK BST (London)

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SpaceSpecialists Ltd is pleased to bring to market SpaceMates Online - the antidote to one-way webinars, our company's platform to network the UK, Australian and global Space Sectors.

Regular online B2B networking for the Space Sector EVERY TUESDAY!

Networking with our Australian friends 'Down Under' and bridging the UK, Australian and global Space Sectors.

A fun and productive way to connect and network B2B with space industry businesses and start-ups all over the world.

Both Upstream (satellite, launcher and ground segments) as well as the Downstream (products and services from space) companies are welcome.

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This Tuesday 14th September 2021, SpaceMates Online our interview guest  is Jeanne Guérin the CEO of Ergonovix, offering innovative projects and services in the field of space and aerospace health.

With over 25 years of experience in Ergonomics, Human Factors and Industrial Design, Jeanne has successfully occupied various positions internationally during her career.

In Aerospace as a specialist in Human Factors (Cockpit and aircraft Interiors Design and Capsule for astronauts). She is also a Certified Ergonomist (CCPE) in Canada with 10 years of experience in Occupational Health and Safety.

With a Master’s degree in Human Factors- Ergonomics for the context of microgravity in space, and a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design, her education, combined with industry expertise in Digital Human Modeling Ergonomics in a computer 3D environment and a pilot certificate with an IFR rating, enables her to understand how the Human element is engaged and reacts physically and mentally in a complex system.

Jeanne is qualified as a certified trainer from Emploi-Québec and is passionate about knowledge transfer. She has trained engineers, ergonomists, designers, manufacturing workers, office employees and trainers as well as presented papers at several occasions internationally.

She has performed several hundred office ergonomics evaluations on-site in administrative offices, medical clinics, laboratories and is now adapting her practice to home office assessments on-site and virtually to answer the changing needs of the industry.

The majority of her industry experience has been spent on managing projects, analyzing, designing, collecting data, testing and optimizing human efficiency in industrial manufacturing settings. Health safety and wellbeing are Jeanne’s top priorities. She focuses on objective measurements brought by new technologies on the advancement of safe human performances in complex systems for users and customers while improving the financial performance of companies.

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Jeanne is now focusing on the reduction of musculoskeletal injuries in construction and manufacturing settings with the use of passive wearable exoskeletons.

exo Brochure_Ergonovix leaflet 3

She contributes to the betterment of the Ergonomics profession by chairing the Ergo@Large sub-committee at the Association of Canadian Ergonomists (ACE) and by participating in the International Ergonomics Association (IEA) 2021 congress organization committee as well as being a member of the Safety Standards Council (SCC) of Canada.


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SpaceMates Online is a FREE EVENT - you will receive an invitation to the online meeting via Zoom and Eventbrite.

By strengthening the UK Space Industry network now along with our friends from 'Down Under' and worldwide, we’ll be ready for blast-off once Coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

Ray Stott from SpaceSpecialists Ltd hosts the event.

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