Freelance Consultant

An enterprising executive leader with a penchant for accelerating business growth. His track record includes a strong talent for delivering top-level performances and resolving issues rapidly—these skills allow him to support sustainable growth so that a company can fully thrive. 
Throughout his 20+ year career, he has established a reputation as a transformational leader who is driven by challenge, undeterred by obstacles, and committed to furthering standards of excellence.
His expertise encompasses all aspects of business development and administration, from controlling costs and maximising revenues to harnessing team strengths to improve companywide performance.
Further, he has the ability to build consensus among executive teams and stakeholders to promote transparency and influence positive change has been repeatedly proven.
He looks forward to bringing these strengths and more to the team at companies.

Kostiantyn’s Experience

  • Satellite Network Maintenance
  • Sale Operations Administration
  • Project Management
  • Product Development & Delivery
  • Issues & Conflicts Resolution
  • Team Building & Leadership
  • Business Planning & Analysis
  • IT Operations/Business Development

Kostiantyn can support

  • Project management
  • Technical consulting
  • Business developmen
  • Budgeting & Forecastin
  • Relationship Management

Kostiantyn’s achievements

  • Possess the unique ability as big picture thinker who anticipates future trends and consequences to create ground-breaking, competitive sales strategies and plans
  • Demonstrated technical knowledge regarding all aspects of satellite, including VSAT technology and convergent network planning for data, voice and video services
  • Proven track of executive leadership in business management, strategic key account growth and negotiations, operations management, resource optimisation, purchasing, and human resource
  • Steered aspects related to service contract delivery, including maintenance, support, and engineering services.