FAIR-SPACE Sponsors SpaceMates Online


FAIR-SPACE Hub announces new Gold Sponsorship of SpaceMates Online


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FAIR-SPACE Hub and SpaceMates Online are working together to develop the space innovation networks across the UK and Australia to facilitate new collaborations and connections worldwide.



This sponsorship enables FAIR-SPACE to support and benefit directly from this regular, new professional digital platform, ensuring the UK and Australian space ecosystem remains buoyant and connected.



With social media platforms, a staple in today’s society and the success of professional networks such as LinkedIn, the ability to build digital relationships has never been more important.

The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated that the use of digital platforms is an essential and successful means to offer the space community a way of meeting new contacts and building lasting relationships.



SpaceMates Online is a weekly, friendly and global online networking group organised by Ray Stott and Vicky Duncalf of SpaceSpecialists Ltd, connecting space sector organisations and individuals across the UK, Australia and the world.

SpaceSpecialists Ltd has been hosting the networking group for two months, with the aim of becoming ‘the antidote to Zoom fatigue’.

Radio broadcaster and video blogger Vicky says, “We are aware that there are many ways to stay connected, but some involve lengthy webinars and Zoom calls.  Whilst informative, they are not always interactive and can stifle that all-essential relationship building.   

With SpaceMates Online we ‘disrupt’ this format by introducing interviews, encouraging conversations and focusing on getting our guests to have that face-to-face contact, albeit it through a digital medium.

We are also delighted to see that our guests leave our weekly meetings smiling, laughing and connecting.”

Ray Stott from SpaceSpecialists Ltd adds, “It’s a real pleasure to see the value-added networking contacts and friendships forming with people from around the world.

People really want to help each other and engage with meaningful follow-up referrals and opportunities being openly discussed.”

Ann Swift, Innovation & Partnership Manager for the FAIR-SPACE Hub said, “This is a positive partnership for the Hub and will play an important role in leveraging our world-leading research base and working with highly-innovative businesses to address the biggest industrial and societal challenges today. 

We are confident that new opportunities will arise, not least with the level of interest SpaceMates Online is achieving globally thanks to the ambition of its organisers.”



The FAIR-SPACE Hub is a UK national centre of research excellence in space robotics and Artificial Intelligence.



The Hub was launched in November 2017 and is funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and the UK Space Agency, as part of the Government’s £84m R&D funding on Robotics and AI for Extreme Environments through the Industrial Strategic Challenge Fund.






About SpaceMates Online and SpaceSpecialists Ltd:


SpaceMates Online launched during the second week of lockdown.  Organisers Ray and Vicky were already planning to launch a networking group beforehand after realising there was no regular space networking in their North West region of the UK.

Using Vicky’s broadcasting experience, and Ray’s vast contact network and space industry experience of more than 30 years in the space sector worldwide. The networking format is fun, fresh, and fast-moving with zero ‘death by Powerpoint’ or lengthy webinars.


Guests take part in quizzes, games and challenges, and most importantly, are encouraged to help other members with meaningful referrals to further connect the global space sector. With regular participants returning each week, and the numbers growing at each event.

In the months and years to come, SpaceMates Online aims to become a premium global space networking platform, with a reputation for powerful matchmaking, meaningful interaction, continually learning from our invited interview guests and of course, enjoyment.



SpaceMates Online looks forward to working with our new sponsor, the FAIR-SPACE Hub.




SpaceSpecialists Ltd is an exciting portal for international space industry services, offering consultancy, recruitment, training and talks including collaborative space projects for the space sector worldwide from their two office locations in the UK and Australia.



For further media information, please contact:

Ray Stott & Vicky Duncalf at SpaceSpecialists Ltd



Or Ann Swift at FAIR-SPACE Hub



Press Release written by Ray Stott, SpaceSpecialists Ltd

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