Product Lifecycle Manager

Location: Europe
Type: Permanent
Start Date: Immediate

Product Lifecycle Manager (PLM) for Spacecraft Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE)

Our Client, a leading supplier of satellite EGSE has recently secured new space projects and we have a fantastic opportunity for a Product Lifecycle Manager (PLM) for spacecraft EGSE to join the project team in Europe.

Key Duties
• The Product Lifecycle Manager (PLM) has the end-to-end responsibility for the Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) products or product line (HW and SW) and manages the products through their complete lifecycle
• Responsible for the analysis of the market ecosystem (market understanding, market needs, competition, market intelligence) and defines the corresponding products and product lines strategies proposed for this market
• Collects and analyzes qualitative and quantitative inputs from various sources (customers, sales, academic and applied research, market research, competitive analysis, usage and life cycle statistics) and creates, displays and produces innovative product concepts
• Defines self-responsible competitive products and product lines (requirements, features, priority of features, feasibility) in the area of EGSE, in collaboration with the CTO Space and Avionics and Head Space and Avionics Business Unit
• Defines the roadmap for the respective product / product line. It is important to coordinate with existing products
• Responsible for the business case of the respective product / product line
• Defines the pricing model, establishes the price list and keeps it up to date
• Initiates the realization of the product, including technical manuals and descriptions. An important aspect is the commercial adherence to the given budget and time frame in the implementation of the products or product components
• Chooses to make or buy for third-party components. Identifies suppliers and initiates corresponding contracts with them
• Coordinates the SW architecture among the products so that a uniform SW architecture is guaranteed
• Responsible for complying with regulatory, regulatory, export licensing and licensing requirements in the target markets, including Intellectual Property Rights (patents and IPRs) and trademarks, quality and Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) requirements, including product safety, with the aim of protecting the environment and ensuring that the product poses no threat to health and safety, as well as product safety requirements, including IT security aspects
• Responsible for presales management of related product topics
• Works closely with Presales, Sales and Marketing in customer contact and provides sales material. Supports the launch of the product on the market
• Responsible for the internal ordering process (internal ordering of the product for project solutions, store management, subcontracting, submission to projects, serial number tracking)
• Responsible for the product maintenance concept and implementation
• The PLM reports to the CTO Space and Avionics
• Reports weekly and monthly key figures of the product developments and projects in the Space and Avionics area

Required Skills & Experience
• Expert in the Space market segment and including competitors, ideally in the Assembly, Integration and Testing (AIT) of satellites
• Expert in Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE)
• Experience with the following satellite subsystems:
- Communication
- Power
- Attitude and Orbit Control
- Bus systems and protocols (MilBus - MIL-1553, SpaceWire - IEEE1355, CANBus, LVDS, etc.)
- Instrument and Payload Interfaces
- Telecom Payloads (transponders)
• Excellent experience in the areas of:
- High Frequency Technology
- High performance electronics, switched power supplies, control engineering, Keywords: Vienna Rectifier, Multiphase Buck Converter, Dual Active Bridge
- Spacecraft Simulation
• Excellent experience in design & simulation, development, debugging and integration of high-frequency and high-power electronic circuits
• Experience with Software Defined Radio (SDR) TT&C modems
• Experience with software architectures (Patterns)
• Experience in metrology
• Excellent experience of relevant space standards and protocols (CCSDS, EDEN, SCPI, etc.)
• Business knowledge
• Expert in project management, information management, change management
• Fluent English (minimum C1)
• At least 5 years of Product Life Cycle Management
• Relevant Satellite AIT experience
• At least 7 years of relevant experience with high frequency and high power electronic circuits
• At least 5 years of experience as a system architect

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