Senior HW/FW Designer (focus EMC)

Location: Europe
Type: 6+ months Contract with renewal options
Start Date: Immediate

Senior HW/FW Designer (focus EMC)

One of our Client's major businesses is to provide turnkey systems and solutions for satellite testing. These test systems are used during different phases of Assembly, Integration and Verification/Test (AIV/AIT) of the various subsystems of a satellite (radio frequency units, telemetry & telecommand interfaces and processing, power supplies and simulation, payload and instruments).

The test systems are designed, configured, assembled, integrated and tested in laboratories and finally delivered to end customers (major satellite manufacturers) and commissioned at their premises.

The test systems comprise the Client's own products for satellite protection and interface testing and are fully controlled by their test software. Some of this equipment accompanies the satellite to its launch site and is used to verify the satellite's proper functioning via umbilical cables until lift-off. The projects are usually run in multicultural teams.

Key Duties
• Design or redesign HW/FW of switch mode power electronics AC/DC, DC/DC, buck, boost
- Document design
- Design, verify, develop and validate HW/FW respecting end requirements
- Respecting noise & EMC behaviour of switch mode power electronics
- Familiar with mechanical problems including EMC
- EMI/EMC (Radiation and Susceptibility) and Safety pre-certification tests
- Production ramp-up

Required Skills & Experience
• Several years of proven industry experience in HW designing for power electronics with digital and
analogue functional blocks including production ramp-up
• Excellent expertise in switch mode power electronic, including FPGA based digital control loops
and analogue signal conditioning electronic circuits
• Tools: Altium Designer, LTSPICE, SolidWorks, XILINX
• Laboratory tools: DSO, MSO, Logic Analysers, Counters, DMM
• Solar controllers with MPPT, battery charge control, load management, state monitoring and remote interface
• Mathcad, Matlab used in SW in the loop test
• English minimum level B2

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