Candidate Information


For permanent placement we help with the following,
  • CV / Resume
  • Covering Letter
  • Submitting Application
  • Managing the process & Questions
  • Onboarding Support
  • Compliant Solutions
  • Interview Preparations
  • Any Negotiations

For all Contract positions we offer compliant solutions and are AUG Arbeitnehmer├╝berlassungsgesetz compliant for contractors working in Germany.

We offer these Compliant Solutions for UK, Australia and worldwide.

TCP Solutions are a European Professional Employer Organisation and they provide professional payroll expertise to contractors, employees, agencies & employers.

LBI provides specialised temporary employment & accountancy solutions across the EU ensuring compliant temporary worker placements.

JSA Compliance & Customers are at the heart of what they do. They build partnerships with recruitment agencies that makes them stand out from the competition.

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