SpaceSpecialists Ltd in Australia

We have opened our new office on the ' Gold Coast, Queensland' 

SpaceSpecialists Ltd attended the 68th IAC2017 in Adelaide because we have taken the exciting decision to open a branch in Australia.

Our dreams are to offer our knowledge and experience to the newly formed Australian Space Agency. Offering our three core brands of Freelance Consulting, Recruitment, Training & Talks. In doing so the aim is to be part of the next exciting chapter of Australia's expansion in the Space Sector.

With fantastic new opportunities opening up in Australia with the announcement of new Australian Space Agency, the IAC in 'Adelaide' was a major stepping stone for Australia.

With everything in Australia ready to move forward strong momentum and excitement is happening Down Under. The new Electron rocket launch pad in New Zealand is already a huge success story providing many new and exciting opportunities for the region.

We are all excited about what is happening in Australasia as when the Aussies and Kiwi's set their mind to do something, anything is possible.

Having spent 30 years in the industry and accumulating extensive experience with a vast network from around the world, we made the brave new step into opening up in Australia alongside our office in the UK and our connections into North America.

With our 6 international languages so far this can help facilitate communication and remove cultural barriers.

We are both excited and optimistic about the trip Down Under and met both new and old friends alike in Adelaide.

Now with our 2nd office opened on the Gold Coast this year the future looks both exciting and challenging for us..


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