Freelance Consultancy

Our World is Expanding.

We are expanding our team of Freelance Consultants from around the world and introducing the possibilities of teams of consultants for our Clients.

Our new and exciting approach to this service adds our unique capability to take on projects small and large to help our Clients needs.

Benefits to our Clients is no longer having to spend energy and time trying to find many Candidates to fill short term contracts with the option now of coming to spaceraystott and hiring in a team to solve problems and move projects forward.

With this unique service we can provide short or long term consultancy for a team all in one place. If we do not have the team in place to take on a project instantly then we have the unique opportunity to find extra consultants needed for large projects through our Recruitment Department as one of our three core services we offer.

This opportunity to expand our consultants on short notice to take on projects as a team is solely exclusive to spaceraystott and offers Clients the knowledge that teams can be put together from our vast worldwide network and we are the only place Clients can get this sort of service within the space industry.

Sometimes a project just needs that little extra push to get the project to completion and here at spaceraystott we can now offer our expertise in many fields of the Space Industry to do just that.

With more and more Freelance Consultants coming on board helps us to expand our knowledge and to cover more areas of the Space Industry that are needed by our Clients.

Whether it is to start up a project, help correct or push a project to completion or to help fill those open positions for a short term we can accommodate with a solution from our vast range of experiences together.

We offer affordable and flexible Freelance Consultancy worldwide.

With great communication skills and expert knowledge of the Space Industry along with the people working in it, we can offer consultancy in many fields.

We are flexible to consult worldwide and can get on the next plane as projects demand.

We can support short and long term consultancy projects when necessary and we are more than happy to discuss opportunities.

This new exciting chapter in the growth of one of spaceraystott's core services of Freelance Consultancy can help small and large businesses alike.

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