SpaceMates Online – 03/08/2021

SpaceMates Online - Space Sector Networking

Next Event is on Tuesday 3rd August 2021

10 am - 11 am UK BST (London)

11 am - midday CEST (Paris)

7 pm - 8 pm Australian AEST (Brisbane)

6.30 pm - 7.30 pm Australian ACST (Adelaide)

7 pm - 8 pm Australian AEST (Melbourne, Sydney)

SpaceSpecialists Ltd is pleased to bring to market SpaceMates Online - the antidote to one-way webinars, our company's platform to network the UK, Australian and global Space Sectors.

Regular online B2B networking for the Space Sector EVERY TUESDAY!

Networking with our Australian friends 'Down Under' and bridging the UK, Australian and global Space Sectors.

A fun and productive way to connect and network B2B with space industry businesses and start-ups all over the world.

Both Upstream (satellite, launcher and ground segments) as well as the Downstream (products and services from space) companies are welcome.

  • Introduce yourself
  • Q & A
  • Interviews
  • International Guests
  • Topics of the day

This Tuesday 3rd August 2021, SpaceMates Online our interview guest is Ana-Mia Louw, General Manager of Simera Sense, on a mission to increase the detail sensed with smaller and affordable satellites.

Simera Sense produce end-to-end optical payload solutions for the nanosatellite Earth Observation industry. The standard range of products target the medium to high-resolution imagery market for Cubesat, micro- and small satellites.

Simera Sense optimises the accessible market by diversifying its product range to service multiple industries and client needs. The products are built on the same technology cores but vary in size and imaging capability.

Multiple size variations offer clients the trade-off between size and weight and imaging performance. Different imaging formats for each of the different sizes, from normal colour and video to multi and hyperspectral imaging, capture the same image with more accuracy and colour variation.

The products are designed by a specialised and experienced team of engineers using industry-leading software and digitally integrated configuration management systems. Each product is qualified after rigorous testing to maintain excellent performance throughout its lifetime, regardless of the extreme environments. The precision parts are sourced from all over the world, and the production of the cameras are done in the Simera Sense cleanrooms in Somerset West South Africa.

Ana-Mia obtained a bachelor’s degree in Mechatronic Engineering at the University of Stellenbosch in 2014. While studying, Ana-Mia developed an interest in optical design and obtained a role at Simera as an Optical Designer, working on large earth observation satellite payloads launched in 2018.

Her passion for management and optics led to Ana-Mia spearhead Simera Sense, a company building high-resolution earth observation payloads for small satellites. Since the start of 2018, she has been managing Simera Sense as General Manager.

"I am continually expanding my technical and management knowledge and enrolling in courses at Stellenbosch Business school. I have developed a passion for client relationship management and act as an account manager for most of the Simera Sense Execute contracts.

I am a passionate, enthusiastic engineer with high hopes for the future of the space industry, both in South Africa and in the world with unified space collaboration.

When not involved in the space industry and to stay fit, I climb walls, but only when it is not feasible to scale cliff faces of the mountains around Cape Town." says Ana-Mia Louw.

SpaceMates Online is a FREE EVENT - you will receive an invitation to the online meeting via Zoom and Eventbrite.

By strengthening the UK Space Industry network now along with our friends from 'Down Under' and worldwide, we’ll be ready for blast-off once Coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

Ray Stott from SpaceSpecialists Ltd hosts the event.

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