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We are happy to announce our partnership with GEO University offering online training in Earth Observation (EO) & Geographical Information Systems (GIS) sectors.

  • Geographical Information System (GIS)
  • WebGIS
  • Remote Sensing/Earth Observation
  • Photogrammetry

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Geo University

GEO University is an exciting new online training platform for the Earth Observation (EO) & Geographical Information Systems (GIS) sectors. Offering both introductory and specialist courses, GEO University is focussed on providing quality, low-cost training courses that anyone can follow to educate themselves about the industry and the data applications in this exciting industry worldwide.

Hyperspectral Imaging Courses

You can become an expert in the geospatial and Earth Observation industry with self-paced learning. We are dedicated to create and deliver our knowledge and solutions to students, professionals, decision-makers and scientists who want to introduce or enhance their knowledge in these fields or even get a solution to their geospatial problem.

The ENVI software tutorial bundle

We are partnered with CloudSigma to deliver you state of the art skills using the cloud to promote your educational and professional lives.

CloudEO Workbench at GEO University

All our courses come with Certificates of Completion using Block-chain with NO extra cost!

Add them to your CV/Resume and LinkedIn profile.

The current full list of courses is given below

  1. Earth Observation Courses Bundle
  2. Hyperspectral Imaging Courses
  3. Multispectral Earth Observation Applications using ESA Sentinel Application Platform
  4. The ENVI software tutorial bundle
  5. Geographic Information System (GIS) courses bundle
  6. ESA Sentinel Application Platform Tutorial
  7. Applied Programming & GIS Analysis Using ArcPy
  8. The ENVI image analysis software tutorial
  9. Hyperspectral Image Analysis and Processing with ENVI Software
  10. Learn Hyperspectral Remote Sensing from Scratch
  11. ESA Sentinels Application Platform (SNAP) bundle courses
  12. A Machine learning approach for Object Parameter Estimation and Discrimination
  13. The Network Based Method Spectral Unmixing Framework
  14. Hyperspectral Thermal Image Unmixing
  15. Hyperspectral Imaging Application: Oil Spill Mapping
  16. Introduction to GeoServer
  17. Python Geospatial Development
  18. Glacier Mapping using Earth Observation Satellites
  19. EO and GIS courses bundled with CloudEO Workbench
  20. Overview of LiDAR; system variations, data interpretation & applications
  21. Introduction to geospatial data visualization
  22. ERDAS Imagine Fast Track Online Training Course
  23. Introduction to LaTeX

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