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SpaceMates Online

- An online once a week session of networking with special guest speaker interviews from the industry with Q&A from everyone to our guest speaker.


- New online training courses coming soon! Along with face to face courses for Clients to train their work force in specialised areas of the industry.


- We have jobs to fill while we help find that special Candidate for our Clients while bringing our unique 'One Off Fixed Fee' approach to the marketplace.


- We supply short and long term consultants to our Clients to help with special projects.

Our new 'SpaceMates Online' Events every Tuesday!

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Specialists to the Space Industry


Consulting in all areas of the Space Industry and beyond.

Space Jobs

Here to help in recruiting permanent & contract Candidates for our Clients.

Training & Talks

Training all around the world. Talking about Space and Experiences.

New vacancies coming on-line. Visit our Jobs Page to find out more.