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What is SpaceSpecialists Ltd doing next?

  • Transforming into a Limited Company

    We are proud to announce our transformation into a Limited Company. With the rapid expansion of our business to help in our three key service areas of Consultancy, Recruitment and Training & Talks, we took the decision to form a Limited Company. Formerly spaceraystott we have rebranded our Company to become SpaceSpecialists Ltd. We wish…

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  • SpaceSpecialists Ltd in Australia

    We have opened our new office on the ' Gold Coast, Queensland'  SpaceSpecialists Ltd attended the 68th IAC2017 in Adelaide because we have taken the exciting decision to open a branch in Australia. Our dreams are to offer our knowledge and experience to the newly formed Australian Space Agency. Offering our three core brands of Freelance…

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  • Freelance Consultancy

    Our World is Expanding. We are expanding our team of Freelance Consultants from around the world and introducing the possibilities of teams of consultants for our Clients. Our new and exciting approach to this service adds our unique capability to take on projects small and large to help our Clients needs. Benefits to our Clients…

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  • Talking about Space

    Although our knowledge is vast, our best attribute is our knowledge about the Space Industry. We have always found it both pleasant and easy to talk about what we know the best and have been doing so for many years with friends, peers and businesses. We now find ourselves in a very new and exciting…

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Our Advantages


Worldwide network
Working in many countries around the world has opened up vast networking opportunities. Being involved at a practical level has enabled us to build strong team relationships with amazing people from all corners of the planet. Experiencing different cultures has enabled us to appreciate the many different work ethics in many countries and different types of organisations.


Flexibility to travel
With the world at our doorstop there is nothing holding us back from traveling around the world. We are flexible to attend meetings to help represent Clients in every part of the globe. Helping support our Client's for short or long consultancy contracts provides that well needed assistance for businesses & organisations alike.


Multilingual Consultants
Being able to speak a variety of languages (e.g. English. French, Italian, Russian, Dutch, German etc) is appreciated in this multi-national industry. Communicating with many different organisations Internationally is our significant advantage. With our interest in foreign people, languages and cultures we are able to overcome many technical and cultural barriers.