European Space Agency (ESA)

Consultant / Robotics Expert
Booz Allen Hamilton / ESA
2002 – 2007
Noordwijk, The Netherlands

•European Robotic Arm (ERA) operations & training, Qualification & Acceptance programmes, ESTEC/Dutch Space

•Operations verification testing of ERA Simulator “Mission Preparation & Training Equipment (MPTE)”

•Organised Astronaut & Russian participation in ERA operations & Weightless Environmental Test (WET), Europe/Russia

•Interface Working Group, RSC/E, Moscow/DutchSpace for ERA launch to ISS on Multi-purpose Laboratory Module (MLM)

•AIT Consultant for ERA testing & Russian launch site

•Managed ERA Russian Instructor Training Course - 6 weeks, ESTEC

•Operations & Training Consultant EUROBOT (Flight & WET models) & cooperative test/media day of WET model/astronaut, European Astronaut Centre (EAC), Cologne


•Systems & Operations on ISS NODE 3 interfacing NASA/Alcatel Alenia Space

•Robotics exchange ESA, Canadian Space Agency (CSA) & NASA

•Booz Allen marketing/new business opportunities GALILEO/GMES

•Expert for ESA 4th educational DVD “Space Robotics”, won prestigious International Visual Communications Association Award (IVCA) 2009, Education Category

•ERA - Lessons Learned & EUROBOT Programme Status, ASTRA robotics, ESTEC, 2004, IEEE Montana 2006

•Produced ERA Refresher Trainer video

•ESA rep, 8th International Symposium, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Automation in Space, i-SAIRAS 2005, Munich

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