Canadian Space Agency (CSA)

Consultant / Senior Engineer, Mission Operations
Canadian Space Agency
Mar 2000 – Feb 2002
Montreal, Canada


•Lead co-ordination of Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM)/DEXTRE - Canadian element of Mobile Servicing System (MSS) contribution to ISS

•Set-up & management of dedicated SPDM robotics team, Mission Operations

•Interfacing CSA, NASA & MD Robotics

•SPDM integration to MSS elements, Canadarm2 & ISS

•Mission planning for SPDM robotic operations/work methods

•CSA representative for SPDM meetings & technical reviews

•SPDM robot ground simulation & verification facility (STVF)

•SPDM robotic operations optimisation with ISS logistics & maintenance tasks

•Prepared SPDM training for astronaut & ground personnel

•MSS robotics training course, astronaut & flight controller certification

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