Welcome to the Adventures of 'Si' & 'Fi'


Meet 'Si'

I am proud to introduce ‘Si’ our new team member.

‘Si’ is the creation of our Consultant Jason Riley.

With Jason’s help we are going to follow ‘Si’s’ travels around the Universe and see what he gets up to.

When I meet ‘Si’ he was still in the making of a great team member and has now come to life as a very adorable chappy with a nice smile and fun loving character.

From his overall look, you can tell he has been around and he seems a little lost by himself but happy to start his exploration with us.


So let’s start at the beginning!

Up Up and Away!

‘Si’ comes from a very barren, inhospitable place somewhere on a far outer planet called Zeon.

Concept of Jason Riley, we now find ‘Si’ on his home planet looking out from a vantage point where he starts dreaming of getting off this planet and out to see the universe.

Up, is where he wants to go but how?

A rocket is the only way off and he starts to work on building his way off the planet Zeon.

'Si' meets Ray Stott

‘Si’ meets Ray Stott of SpaceMates Online and together they form an instant bond.

Ray brings ‘Si’ along to SpaceMates Online, a wonderful networking event where ‘Si’ can meet many interesting people that are all willing to help him achieve his goal, to explore the Universe.

But we all know that exploring is always better done with a friend or companion so Jason Riley comes up with an idea.

A Mate!

Meet 'Si' & 'Fi'

‘Si’ has been excited at the prospect of a companion, someone to share his new experiences with and Jason took no time to help find him his mate to explore the Universe with.

Meet ‘Fi’ the perfect companion.

Trustworthy, loyal and do not underestimate him as I am sure he can get out of any predicament, let alone get into them!

We can see it in ‘Si’s’ eyes the excitement of now having his own side-kick, a loyal friend indeed.

‘Si’ takes no time getting to know ‘Fi’ and they seem to get on like a house on fire.

I am sure he will make the voyage that more enjoyable and we welcome ‘Fi’ to our team.

First Attempt

With all the help and support from the large network at SpaceMates Online including from Ray Stott and our team, ‘Si’ & ‘Fi’ made their first rocket together.

It was a success and off it went up into the sky while they both watched in excitement.

It is hard to believe they had come so far together in such a small space of time.

But they need to get a bigger rocket if they are to fly in the spacecraft themselves.

‘Fi’ was ecstatic at the rocket lift-off and couldn’t hold back his joy, jumping up and down while ‘Si’ lifted his arm up to the sky calling, ‘Up Up and Away’!

Bigger & Better!

After the first attempt it gave ‘Si’ & ‘Fi’ the willingness to go ‘Bigger & Better’ and so they did.

All their hard work has paid off and now they have tested their new rocket that will take them to the far reaches of the Universe.

A rocket they can travel in and explore with.

They took no time to start preparations for their voyage and started to build their new rocket.

But wait………

More to Come!