spaceraystott attending IAC 2017

spaceraystott is attending the 68th International Astronautical Congress, 25 - 29 September 2017, Adelaide Australia.

Please contact me via to arrange a meeting or meet up for a coffee and a chat.

The Space Industry Association of Australia is your host for IAC2017 in Adelaide Australia.  On behalf of all members of the Australian space sector – industry, government and academe – we look forward to welcoming you in Adelaide from 25-29 September 2017.  You will meet old friends and make new ones.  And we have a chance to make you feel at home.

With the opening of the International Astronautical Congress 25 September, Canberra calls for industry input to grow space capability.

The Expert Reference Group (ERG) for the Review of Australia’s Space Industry Capability issued a discussion paper this week while inviting industry and all areas of government and society to contribute to its review. The purpose of the paper is to kick start the process. The Australian Government has asked the ERG, chaired by Dr Megan Clark, to complete its review by March 2018.

The discussion paper can be found at

Dr Clark will be attending IAC as part of the review process. The aim is to develop a national strategy for the civil space sector for the next decade, well, to 2030 let's say. Consultations are planned across the country with industry and governments.

The paper recognises three drivers of change in the international space sector, namely
Use and capabilities of small satellites
The digital revolution increasing the utilisation (and value) of information and data.
New entrants to the space sector.
The review process calls for written submissions by 22 August. A series of 'roundtables' will be held in each capital between now and early September. Dr Clark will conduct one-on-one meetings with key stakeholders as required to inform the discussions of the ERG.

Congress CEO Brett Biddington encouraged all companies associated with Australia's burgeoning space sector to make a response by 22 August. "This is our chance to make an impact and a difference, so let's not waste it," he said.

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