The IAC2017 Pictures from Adelaide

CSIRO amazing involvement in Australia for Science & Technology and Space!

Rocket Lab's Electron rocket - Go New Zealand!

IAC2019 will be held in Washington DC, USA

Australian Government promotes Australia in space - Big Country, Big Sky & Big Ideas

CSIRO has a great drop-in meeting centre for IAC delegates - many thanks from Ray

Active student zone - the next generation working together

Amazing conference venue - 4,500 delegates this year!

Lots of presentations ...

Bill Nye, the Science Guy talks about breakthrough starshot project and solar sails

Support the Planetary Society - join now!

Carl Sagan in the disco decade talking solar sails - amazing!

Amazing artwork

People dream to be space explorers

Mankind will soon live off-world ...

The Apollo era

Cartoons provide medium for feedback

Thoughts and ideas being exchanged - bringing the world together through space


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