Mansion on Mars for £2.5m?

A three-bedroom mansion on Mars could set you back £2.5m

A wonderful fun story was created by Natalie Cornish of the House Beautiful magazine to give us an idea of what it could be like on Mars.

Here is her wonderful take on what could be.....

One in 10 Brits would move to Mars tomorrow, according to new research. And now space experts have been predicting what future Martian properties might look like.


A sense of adventure, enjoying more space and escaping human dangers are the top reasons many of us want to venture to the Red Planet, a survey commissioned by National Geographic for the second series of MARS found.



And in order to enjoy our new surroundings, Mars expert Stephen Petranek and psychologist Professor David Dinges predict we'd need a few interplanetary home comforts. They include artificially-oxygenated gyms, visual simulations of views we're used to on Earth beamed on to the windows, and furniture made from rare Martian rock.

Working with an architectural visualisation team, the pair created three homes fit for life on Mars; an apartment aimed at young professionals, a family home and a luxury mansion.



A key consideration was light and how to protect the living area of homes from cosmic rays and hazardous levels of radiation, as well as insulation from the cold and protection from severe dust storms. Each has tinted glazing, LEDs that mimic natural light on Earth and rammed earth walls, while tunnels join the triangular apartment pods to prevent owners from stepping outside into the sun's glare.

Other features include 3D printed kitchens complete with hydroponic edible plants, flooring made from polished Martian rock, an indoor garden area with hooks for space suits and boots as well as specially grown lichen and ornamental trees, and oxygenated shared work spaces.

The mansion also boasts an entire floor dedicated to health and wellbeing, featuring a private gym with spa, multi-sport court and garden.



Those hoping to get onto the planet's property ladder might be in for a shock. Living on Mars doesn't come cheap, with a one-bedroom apartment starting at £350,000. Expect to pay £650,000 for a two-bed family home and £2.5 million for the three-bedroom mansion.

Stephen Petranek, author of the book How We’ll Live on Mars, which the National Geographic series is based on, says: 'Ultimately, living on Mars must seem more appealing and psychologically inviting than living on Earth or not enough people will want to make a new life there.

'As we make these predictions now, we can only wonder what designs we will actually adopt as hundreds of thousands of people eventually move to the Red Planet.'



Written by Natalie Cornish for House Beautiful 15th November 2018.

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