Mars: Fun Facts about the Red Planet

Mars: Everything you need to know about the Red Planet

Mars shares its name with the Roman god of war and is the most talked-about celestial body in recent years. It is currently being explored by eight spacecraft (six orbiting and two on its surface), but Man has still yet to step foot on it. The 'Red Planet' is the solar system's most Earth-like planet, however, its atmosphere is thinner and its surface is mainly rocky.

One-way trip
Over 100 thousand people have signed up with the Mars One project, whose goal is to colonize Mars in 2022.

Several images sent by robots on Mars show that the sunset is blue.

One year
On Mars, a year equals 687 days on Earth.

Mars has the biggest volcano recorded in the Solar System - it is 22km high and it is called Olympus Mons.

Mars is red because it is covered in iron oxide.

The movie 'Gravity' was more expensive than the whole Indian Mars Orbiter Mission. The movie costed
around $100 million and the Indian space mission costed $72 million.

According to the official NASA website, the planet's average temperature is -62ºC.

Due to the planet's atmosphere, the weight of a human on Mars is 60% lighter than on Earth.

After spending a year on Mars' surface, NASA's Curiosity Rover sang 'Happy Birthday' to itself.

In 1997, three men from Yemen tried to sue NASA for trespassing on Mars, which according to them,
was a heritage left by their ancestors three thousand years ago.

On, you can see infrared pictures of the planet's soil and several elevation points.

Mars is close to the asteroid belt, so it is more likely to be hit by debris.

First one 
The first spaceship to successfully arrive close to the planet was the Mariner 4 in 1965.

The German Aerospace Centre (DLR) discovered that lichen can survive on Mars the same way it does on Earth.

The distance between the Earth and Mars will slightly decrease over the next 25 thousand years.

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